Answers To Common Questions:


  • Q:  When will my order ship?

    • A:  Each item will give an approximate lead time for shipping in the product description.  As soon as a tracking number is available, it is updated in the system and you will receive a notification.  You can also check your account in the dashboard at any time and it will show latest tracking and order information.

  • Q:  Can I get  a different size picture or frame than what you have listed online?

    • A:  Please send us a quick TEXT message to start a chat and we will provide you with additional size and frame options for your selection.

  • Q:  Is Shipping included in price?

    • A:  Yes, shipping is included in price in the United States.  If you wish for us to ship to an additional country, please contact us and we can provide you shipping cost information.

  • Q:  Can I use my wishlist as a registry?  

    • A:  Yes.  A URL is provided at the bottom of your wishlist that can be copied and pasted to share on a social media site or invitation for your product selections.